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About Us


The Israeli Society for the Abolition of Vivisection (ISAV) is Israel's most veteran animal rights organization, established in 1983 by Dr. Andre Menache and others. ISAV strives to bring a complete end to the exploitation of animals in the vivisection industries. ISAV challenges the outdated perception which sees animals as a tool for the use of mankind. ISAV acts establish the recognition that animals are sentient beings who have the right for dignity, compassion and autonomy over their body. The principal which guides ISAV is non compromising protection of the rights of animals to live a life free from suffering and enslavement, a principal which is supported by the existence of modern and efficient methods of research with a proven contribution to science.

ISAV is consisted of hundreds of members from various parts of society, including doctors academics of various fields and volunteers who care for animals and for humans.

ISAV focuses on educational and outreach work, which includes distribution of information, holding protests, taking legal measures, doing media work, conducting lectures, etc'.

ISAV's activity is based on donations by its members and the wide public.

For updates and recent news please see our Facebook page (sorry, Hebrew only).

Current & Past Projects & Successes
Elimination of the plan to construct a commercial primate breeding facility in Kibbutz Or Haner.
Implementation of Prohibition of animal experimentation – (dissection) at high schools.
Stop of abusing medical training excercises on dogs in  Advanced Trauma Life Support course by the Israeli military.
Prohibition of thetransfering dogs and cats from municipal pounds to laboratories.
Exposure of animal experiments, such as the "Malish” experiment at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Banning animal testing for cosmetics made in Israel, as well as the marketing of animal tested cosmetics.
Campaign to shut down Mazor primate breeding facility – Success in stopping the monkey trade in Israel as of 2015 and preventing the establishment of another farm in the by Mazor Farm; Currently working on a plan for the rehabilitation of all 2000 primates held captive at Mazor (whose original entire intent was for experiments abroad, such as  in SNBL Laboratotries in the U.S.
Reinforcement of legislation to keep the Leaping Bunny Logo on non tested cosmetics.
Outreach  (educational lectures, informational stalls, protest performances, etc.
Consumer guide without cruelty.
Collaborations with other Animal Rights groups, locally and abroad as part of the global struggle against experiments


Contact details:

Phone: +972-50-7682693

P.O. Box 20200 Tel Aviv 6120201, Israel


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